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Lung ultrasound has been shown to provide an alternative to standard diagnostic imaging methods such as CT-Scan and X-ray in COVID19 patients. The examination can be conveniently performed at the bedside using simple handheld equipment.

In the context of requirements for decontamination of equipment used in COVID19 patients, handhelds also provide an advantage over conventional trolley based ultrasound scanners, in that they can be fully sealed inside a sterile cover during use whilst maintaining full functionality.

The convenience and simplicity of the completely wireless SONON makes it ideal for quickly evaluating patients in a busy COVID19 ward.

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Hand-held Lung Ultrasound Guide for COVID-19

COVID-19 Response - Healcerion SONON

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"The SONON portable ultrasound system is very convinient and provides a great help in clinical treatment of the patient's [COVID-19] condition".
Dr Wu QING, Department of Ultrasonography, People's Hospital, Wuhan, CHINA.

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Keeping SONON Clean

SONON probes are fully wireless and connect to both android and iOS (apple) mobile devices. The probes can be fully sealed inside a cover to maintain cleanliness. All SONON devices are provided with 2 exchangeable rechargeable battery packs, and each pack delivers three hours of continuous scanning time. With normal patterns of use, a probe will often not require battery exchange during a busy 12 hour day.

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Useful COVID-19 Information

Sharing our real-world experience in performing LUS examinations in patients with COVID-19, we propose 2 different ways of performing LUS examinations with pocket devices, aiming to reduce the exposure of health workers to cases.

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If possible, an ED should designate a specific ultrasound machine for suspected COVID-19 patients. Handheld ultrasound devices should preferentially be used, as they can be completely encased with a probe cover, can be easily cleaned.

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The existing lung ultrasound workforce can easily be upscaled and upskilled through education on the principles of lung ultrasound in patients with COVID‐19. This narrative review provides a summary of these principles and how lung ultrasound more generally can be integrated into the COVID‐19 care pathway.

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